The Big Twenty: Argentina’s Largest Cities-Mendoza

Mendoza makes the list even though the city’s official population is only about 115,000 people.  The metro area is one of the largest in the Argentina with over 1 million people.  It is situated on the west side of the country and sits in the foothills of the Andes.   The city is 456 years old, having been established on March 2, 1561.  It was from Mendoza that General San Martin planned and executed his campaign to free Chile and Peru.  So it is a city with a great and rich history.

It is known for the olive and wine vineyards around the city.  It is the largest wine-manufacturing area in all of Latin America.  Also Mount Aconcagua is nearby. This is the highest mountain in the Americas.

Downtown view of Mendoza
Downtown view of Mendoza

With all these people living around the city there are only 5 Baptist churches that I am aware of in the entire province  of Mendoza.  Please pray for these pastors and missionaries as they labor in such a great harvest field.  Pray that men would rise up from these existing ministries to start more ministries in this great city.


4 thoughts on “The Big Twenty: Argentina’s Largest Cities-Mendoza

  1. Hey bro, you probably know this but you put the “providence” of Mendoza and it’s supposed to be “province” (Provincia).


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