The Big Twenty: Argentina’s Largest Cities-La Plata

La Plata is one of the two cities that I have visited in Argentina; the other of course being Buenos Aires.  Therefore, I can say from first-hand experience that La Plata is a charming city.  We visited in August (which is the dead of winter there) and even in winter it was very beautiful.  When most people think of South America they think in terms of tropic jungles.  Many times during deputation people would ask me, “Is it really hot there all the time?”  Actually if you look at a map of the world La Plata is about the same distance from the equator that Atlanta is.  The weather is similar, so when we visited during the winter, one morning the temperature was right at freezing.  That happened to be the morning we took a train ride into Buenos Aires.  A two hour train ride with the doors open and no heat.  So, no, it is not really hot there all the time.

Cathedral of La Plata

La Plata is an independent city much like Washington DC.  It was built as the capital of the province of Buenos Aires, and, as such, is a very important city.  Construction on La Plata began in 1882, so it is relatively young compared to other cities in South America.  Pedro Benoit gave the city an amazingly intricate design.  You can look at Google maps to see it.

La Plata also contains the largest Gothic Cathedral in Latin America.  One of the towers of the cathedral is the tower of Jesus, the other is the tower of Mary.  The towers go up 367 feet, and you are treated to a panorama of the city from the viewing deck at the top.

Berea Baptist Church
Berea Baptist Church in La Plata

The city has a population of around 700,000 and the metro area carries that number to almost a million people.  In a city so big that has such an important role in Argentina’s politics and culture, there are four good churches there that I know of, and there is a possibility that there are more.  Please pray for the pastors and missionaries laboring here in this city.


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