The Big 20: Argentina’s Largest Cities-Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata has the largest beach resort in the country of Argentina.  It is a huge tourist destination in the country, drawing not only vacationers from all over the country of Argentina but also from around the world.  There is a very large fishing port there with a very strong industry, not only in fishing and tourism, but also in the lighting and textile industries.  The population, as of the 2010 census, sits right at 600,000 people.  The city has only grown at a rate of a little over 1% annually  in the last 10 years, but remains one of the largest cities in the country. images

The city has no lack of entertainment, with many theaters, museums, and clubs throughout.  Along with these, Mar del Plata is also a center for sports, with many soccer clubs in the city, and basketball is also popular there as well.  The climate is oceanic but it can be rather cool with winds from the antarctic blowing in and suddenly changing the weather.



I know of 2 churches and possibly 3 that are in the city.  Much still needs to be done there.  If there are 3 biblically based Baptist churches in the city, that means there is one Baptist church for every 200,000 people.  Now ask yourself: could your church effectively reach 200,000 people?  Could your church effectively evangelize this many people?  Very few, if any, churches can effectively reach this many people.  Please pray for Mar del Plata that more churches would be started here and that the Gospel would go forth with power.


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