Language School Update

We have arrived for language school in the city of Arequipa, Peru.  Many great missionaries who are currently on the field and doing great works first studied Spanish here in this very city.  We have the opportunity of working in a church here, and we will be taking our language school classes at the Macedonian Bible College.  There is a great network of Baptist churches in this city due in large part to Brother Austin Gardner’s ministry of over 20 years.  We left on June 27th and flew into Lima, spent the night there and caught a flight from Lima to Peru.  We spent the first week with Missionary David Gardner and his family in their home, and moved into our house after the first week.  We have spent this time getting settled in, and acquainted with our new host city.13522039_301153400226795_3738761387563694272_n

We are hoping to start language school tomorrow!  Our children will start Christian school in an all Spanish-speaking school tomorrow as well.  It is probably going to be a very long week so please pray for us and the children.   Language learning has already started.  On our second day here we purchased notebooks that have been our constant companions.  Every new word or phrase is written in the notebook.  We take it to church with us and as soon as we walk into the door the learning begins.  I have been filling out about a page and a half in each service so far.  At the end of each service I get with one of the brethren so they can help identify words that I was confused on, and check my pronunciation and spelling.  Going to the stores is a fun thing and a learning experience also.  More on that later.

One thought on “Language School Update

  1. Wow, it all sounds wonderful and am so glad you are learning the language by taking notes too. Who taught you that? And the kids will learn rapidly by the immersion system–learn or sink!!! But the learn so well and fast, they will be teaching and correcting you. 🙂 Praying for you. Your friend and prayer partner, Jacky Manchester

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