The Big 20: Argentina’s Largest Cities “Lanús”

Lanús is a city of 212,152 according to the census of 2010.  It sits just south of Buenos Aires city limits and makes up a portion of the Greater Buenos Aires area.  The town was initially named Villa General Paz after General  José María Paz who initiated the creation of the town. General Paz was a General that served in Argentina’s civil war.  In 1955 it was named Lanús after  Anacaris Lanús who donated the land for the town to be built.  I would love to know the meaning behind their flag.  If you find out please let me know, evidently Google has no idea what their flag means.

Lanús Argentina

My best guess is that it looks like a gear in the flag and maybe a highway or railway.  It is a hub for industry so this may be represented on the flag.  Lanús is the home of the soccer team Club Atlético Lanús, which has much more material written about it than the city that hosts the team.

I can find no Baptist church in Lanús.  That doesn’t mean that one is not there; I just couldn’t find one. Missionary Josh Smith who is in La Plata said this of Lanús “It’s a very needy place and very strategic location.”  He is not aware of any church in this city either.  I live in the State of Georgia right now and the city that closest resembles Lanús would be Augusta.  Imagine no Baptist churches in Augusta GA. Now go and Google Baptist churches in Augusta GA and see what you find.  We need to do more in reaching Argentina with the Gospel.  Will you pray about going?

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