Life is a Relay: Series Introduction

Recently I heard Pastor Wayne Cofield say, “Life isn’t a sprint, or a marathon.  Life is a relay.”  I have been meditating on this thought all this week.  What an awesome picture of life.  Someone handed off to us and we are running our part of the race.  Now who will we hand off to?

Many Caucasian People And Hands Holding Red Straight Letters Or Characters Building The Isolated English Word Pass It On On White Background

The Bible is filled from cover to cover with this concept.  With illustrations and commands in both Old and New Testaments it is hard not to see it.  It is a very appropriate subject in light of what is happening in the church world.  Statistics say that 80% of all churches have plateaued or are in decline.  Being on deputation and visiting over 200 churches I can say that those statistics seem pretty accurate in my opinion.  Our churches and ministries are in trouble.  It is not all doom and gloom, however.  I have been in many that are growing, and I have seen many that have taken the concept of training and discipleship and are starting to turn the tide.

There are many ways we could look at this subject so I decided that I will write a series on this thought.  I will post one each week.  I will leave you with these questions for now.

  1. Will the church you’re in end with you?
  2. What are you doing right now to help the next generation go forward?
  3. If you’re not doing anything currently, when will you start?
  4. Will you be satisfied to watch it die while you sit and complain that no one is doing anything?

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