Some Things I’ve Learned

In a constant effort to grow and learn, I am continually reading articles and books, listening to podcasts, lectures, and sermons.   We must pour fresh things into our minds and lives on a regular basis to avoid becoming stagnate.  Here is something I learned this week.

Four Ways to Affair-Proof your Marriage:Wedding Rings Resting On A Holy Bible

(This comes via Michael Hyatt here.)

  1. Invest in your relationship.  The more you have invested in your marriage the more it means to you.  In what ways have you invested in your spouse this week?  Have you invested time and creativity into your relationship?
  2. Set specific boundaries.  Don’t eat alone with someone of the opposite sex.  Don’t be alone in a automobile or a room with someone of the opposite sex.  Mr. Hyatt said, “I don’t even want to give the appearance of evil. I don’t want somebody to add one and one together and get three…”  We don’t want to give ourselves the opportunity to be tempted.
  3. Speak often and lovingly of your spouse.  Tell others how much you love and appreciate your spouse, how special she is to you.  This will send the message to others that you are dedicated and faithful to your spouse, and could head off any unwanted attention from someone else.
  4. Remember what is at stake. If you have an illicit affair, you will destroy your relationship not only with your wife but also with your children, grandchildren, extended family, and friends.  Is a few moments of pleasure worth destroying a lifetime of relationships, and a testimony that has taken you years to build?  The answer is no.


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