Islam In Argentina

Everyone knows that South America is a Catholic continent.  Latin America comprises of about 39% of the global population of Roman Catholics.  While on deputation some people have asked about other religions there in Argentina, specifically about Islam.

It is estimated that there are between 500,000-2,300,000 Muslims in Argentina.  It is hard to get an accurate number since religious affiliation is not looked at in the national census.  A few years ago Pew Research Center estimated there were 748,000, roughly 1.9% of the population.  America has .8% of its population as Muslim.

The King Fahd Islamic Cultural Centre located in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani is an Islamic teacher.  I watched a short video that he made in September of this year in which  he was speaking about how Islam almost disappeared in Argentina.  He claims that there are less than 500,000 people who would even confess to being a Muslim, so he has launched a website in Spanish to help provide Islamic teaching.

Argentina is the home to South America’s largest mosque.  The King Fahd Islamic Cultural Centre, was completed in 1996 with the help of  the then King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.  It was built to be an educational center for Muslims and to propagate Islam throughout the country.

When you look at the Muslim population you find that most of the Muslims in Argentina are immigrants or descendants of immigrants from Syria, Lebanon, & Turkey.  Remember that Argentina  and America are very similar in the aspect that both countries are made up primarily of immigrants.  One hundred years ago Argentina was considered a land of opportunity just like America and during that time thousands of immigrants flooded the country.

Pray for this segment of the population of Argentina.  Pray that laborers would be raised up to work among these precious people for whom Christ died.  Pray that God would use us in the future to reach them, for I have a great burden for the Muslim people of Argentina.




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