Have You Invited Your Neighbor to Church?

This past weekend I met Mr. Pat Eveland at his church in Illinois.  At seventy-six years old, he faithfully attends his church and leads the singing there, but it was not always so in Brother Pat’s life.  He shared his testimony with me Sunday and I thought it was worth passing along.

Pat was an alcoholic.  So much so that he had alcohol toxemia twice, and both times he was moments away from death.  He was thirty-nine years old, living with his wife and two sons in Milwaukee.  One day in September their neighbor, Miss Lonnie (who shared a name with Pat’s wife) stopped by and invited their sons to ride the bus to church for “Round-Up Sunday.”  Pat and his wife put their sons on the bus that morning and then got in their car and followed the bus to church.

Brother Pat, Madelyn, & Shawn
Brother Pat, Madelyn, & Shawn

They began attending church regularly as a result of that visit.  The next month, Lonnie, Pat’s wife came to faith in Christ.  In November, Pat and one of their sons came to faith.  In December, Lonnie, Pat, and their son were baptized and their other son trusted Christ as his savior shortly thereafter.

Pat gave up alcohol, and shortly after their conversion, Pat and Lonnie started their own bus ministry, in which they worked faithfully with their sons to bring children to church on the bus.  This was over 35 years ago, Lonnie has since passed away, but Pat is still in church serving the Lord. Furthermore, both his sons are serving Christ in Baptist churches, one in Milwaukee, and the other in Mississippi.

This family was forever changed because their neighbor invited them to church.  Have you invited anyone to church lately?  Just an invitation could change a families life.

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