Life On the Road

August has been a great month, loaded with services in good churches.  We have been on the road in both the Carolinas, Georgia, and Ohio.  This week will take us to Mississippi and Tennessee.  It is such a blessing to meet so many people that love and serve Jesus!  While traveling with a large family is not always easy, we always manage to have fun on the road.  Continue praying with us as we are praying to have all our support and setup fund raised so we can leave in May of next year.



Sunrise on a Sunday morning in Lancaster Ohio.


At the Richland Baptist Church in Asheboro, North Carolina with Pastor and Mrs. Smith.


Eating breakfast on the road (literally).

IMG_0622 (2)

Here is Ian giving an offering devotional at the children’s church at Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia.  He may be a preacher some day, and if he is I guarantee you that he will be head and shoulders a better preacher than his dad.

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