So You Want To Be Successful? Part 1: Don’t Give Up

“Where did all these people come from?”  This was the question I asked one of the ladies at the front desk of the YMCA.  My family and I have been members at the “Y” for a long time, and this past January I had NEVER seen it so crowded.  The lady told me it was always that way at the first of the year, though I had never noticed it.  She said that by March most of them would be gone, so I made a mental note to try and notice the crowd in March.  Well March came and went and I forgot about my mental note, but I did notice the crowd this week.  In January there were almost no spots available to do any work outs; in April take your pick.

I was truly amazed at how much the crowd had fallen off in four months.  It really should not be surprising though.  According to statistics, 80% of the new year’s resolution crowd fall away by the second week of February.  As the year continues, the percentage rises even higher to 92% of people dropping out. It sounds crazy, but only 4 out of 50 people who sign up at the first of the year will actually continue their workout routines.

Never, Never, Never, Never give up.

All of this brings me to topic of success.  We all want to be successful.  I know I do.  If you are in the ministry you have a desire to be successful and fruitful in that ministry.  How can we achieve that success?  Well let’s start here with this lesson:  Don’t give up.  Giving up guarantees a 0% of reaching your goal.  The successful people are those 4 people who are still lifting weights or running on the treadmill after everyone else has called it quits.  This is not only true in the gym but in life. History is overflowing with illustrations of men and women who just refused to quit.  I will end this post with a quote from a man who failed sixth grade, and was subsequently defeated in every election for public office until he became Prime Minister of England at the age of 62.  That man was Sir Winston Churchill, and he said this, “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never, Never, Never, Never give up.”

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