Do Something Besides Wear Green Today!

While St. Patrick’s day does provide one with the opportunity to attire themselves in green and eat a hearty meal of corned beef and cabbage, I would like to offer a additional suggestion for today. I recommend that you do two more things along with the festivities of the day.

  1. Check out the website of my good friend Billy Welsh.  Billy is a church planter to the country of Ireland.  He is currently on deputation with his wife Lauren and son William.  If you are a pastor and looking for a good family to come and present their burden, I recommend this family.  Billy has a tremendous testimony of God’s grace.  He is a veteran, having been in the Marine Corps for eight years, and served in the Iraq War for three years.  Lauren was brought up in a Christian home and saved at the age of 18, and surrendered her life to missions that same year.   img_7340-copy
  2. Pray for Ireland.  Ireland has 4.5 million people.  They are 88% Roman Catholic with only 2% of the population Evangelical Christians. Islam is growing rapidly in the country. Ireland needs your prayers!

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