Will My Church Be Destroyed?

I was recently in a church where, before the service, a young man was questioning the pastor about the return of Christ.  In the few minutes that followed, the Pastor gave the young man a crash course in eschatology.  The young man wondered if their church was going to be destroyed.  The pastor answered that, eventually, all things would be abandoned rural churchdestroyed and God would make a new heaven and a new earth.  The young man had a hard time grasping this; he couldn’t understand why their church building would be destroyed.  As I was preaching that night, I told the young man that, yes, one day the church building would be destroyed.  Yes, the vans and the buses that the church had would be gone, but the one thing that would never be destroyed are the lives that the church had impacted with the Gospel.

Ministry is much more than buildings, bank accounts, conferences, and programs.  Ministry is people.  May God help us to labor for that which will not perish, and to go and snatch some  soul from the flames.

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