Spurgeon’s Letter to a Missionary

This letter is written on December 14th, we are not sure of the year.  Mr. Patrick, to whom the letter is addressed was not the first missionary sent out from the Tabernacle but he was the first sent out of the Pastor’s College Missionary Association.  He was supported by the Tabernacle for many years.

Dear Mr. Patrick, 

I rejoice that the way is cleared for your going to North Africa.  As a brother looking to our own funds for support you are the first representative of the Foreign Mission of the College, and I am the more earnest that you should lead the way gloriously.  I am sure from your personal spurgeon_chaircharacter, and from your course in College that I may place unlimited confidence in you; and far more is my confidence in the Lord whom you and I unitedly serve with our whole hearts.  He will help you to play the man.  A blend of zeal, patience, and wisdom will be needed in a mission so new, dealing with such a peculiar people.  You believe that the Gospel will meet the need of any creature in the form of man, whether Jew or Gentile, Mohammedan or heathen.  You will keep wholly and only to the cross. There hangs our hope as well as the hope of those to whom we go.  Hammer away with the old Gospel; and let those who like it use the miserable wooden mallet of mere reason.  The Lord will be with you.  Take special care to be much with HIM.  Without the means of grace, in a lone land, as you will probably be ere long, ‘give attention to reading’ the one and only book, and be often carried away to heaven on the wings of prayer and meditation.  

Write us often that you may keep up the interest of the brethren, and of my constituency in the glorious work.  Be of good courage while you are dumb in the language of the people, and feel the fire burning within with the power to let its heat warm the people.  Carry your daily worries to your Master and they will not be worries. Aspire to be another ‘Patrick’-the apostle of North Africa, as he was of Ireland. 

On your head may the Holy Spirit pour of the anointing oil, and may you often be constrained to sing as I do,-

O to grace how great a debtor,

Daily I’m constrained to be 

God himself bless you.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

C. H. Spurgeon

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