Where were you on July 24th?

I was in Tennessee at a missions conference, and was talking to my good friend and fellow missionary Billy Welsh when I got the call from Jeff Bush.  Jeff told me that one of the churches that Emily and I had visited when we went to Argentina had just burned to the ground.  It was the first church that Jeff had started in La Plata, Lighthouse Baptist Church.  We had spent the whole week there when we visited Argentina back in August of 2013 and had gotten to know the people there.  You won’t find a more faithful man than Jorge Rodriguez, who is the pastor there at Lighthouse.

A picture of me, Emily & Pastor Jorge.
A picture of Emily, me & Pastor Jorge.

The church burned completely, the only thing that they were able to salvage was the pulpit, Jorge’s Bible, & his computer that he uses to prepare messages.  The day after the fire, the people met there on the ashes of what had been the first Baptist Church in La Plata and they began to clear off the rubble.  Three days after the church building had been destroyed, the church met on the concrete slab and worshipped the Lord that Sunday morning.  It was the dead of winter in July there in Argentina, but they wouldn’t let the cold keep them from serving Christ.

The building is gone but the church remains
The building is gone but the church remains

The church is now in the rebuilding process.  This is where you come in.  Our Generation Ministries (find out about them here), which is affiliated with Vision Baptist Missions, is helping fund this building project. You can go to the website and make a donation here. If you could give $10 a month towards the building fund for the next fourteen months it would go a long way, and the church would greatly appreciate it.  Lighthouse Baptist was also the home of Macedonia Baptist Seminary where men are trained for the ministry to take the gospel all over Argentina.  Will you pray about giving to this worthy cause?  I can testify to the dedication and sincerity of the people there.  In helping them rebuild, you are not only helping build a church structure, but you are also helping them build a lighthouse in a city that desperately needs the light of the gospel.


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