What misconceptions have you had to correct?

Training men.  I don’t think that it was a misconception as much as it was an underemphasis.  Although I knew that training men was important to missions, I do not think that I accurately understood the importance it carried in missions. Simply put, without training men there will be no missions.  We know this, but we have to do more than know it.  We must act on it.  It must be the very aim of our mission and ministry.  Training men is the soul and heart of missions work.

You may ask, “What about preaching the gospel, discipleship, & planting churches?”  All these things are vital, but men must be trained so that more are proclaiming the gospel.  Men must be trained so they can go out and make even more disciples.  Men must be trained so that more churches can be planted and that the churches that already exist can continue.

I worked for the UPS corporation for almost nine years.  I worked seven of these years in management.  Upper management was a swinging door.  It was not often that I saw a manger in a position longer than three years and a distract manager that lasted that long was even more rare.  I saw a lot of different managers come and go.  I saw those that were successful and those that weren’t.  Hands down, the men that were successful were the managers that had a strong emphasis on training.  They trained their supervisors and taught their supervisors to train the employees.  These were the managers that got results, and they would go into troubled and failing operations and in six months have the operation turned around heading on the right track.  Success in Plan Goal Strategy Words on Three Red Diceministry is no different.

Any missionary that doesn’t have training men as his goal should not go to the mission field.  A friend of mine (who is a veteran missionary and has trained many men for the ministry) told me recently that all missionaries have this as a goal but almost no one does it.  So, not only is it important to have this as a goal and to see the great need for it, but it is also equally important to have a plan on how this is carried out.

This is why I chose Vision Baptist Missions.  They not only teach the importance of training men they teach how to train men.  Young missionaries are taught by leaders who have not just read it in a book but they have done it.  They have trained men and they have the knowledge and wisdom to show you how to do it also.

This is post is part 6 in the series “Answering Vision” and is taken from the panel discussion questions from the missions conference at Vision Baptist Church you can read part 5 here. 

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