If Your Hometown was Like this Place??

My friend Philip Bassham is currently beginning the process of finding a building in which he can start his first church when he finishes language school.  He is in Thailand, in the city of Bangkok (you can visit his very sharp-looking website here).  Philip has been there studying the Thai language for about a year and a half. Thai is ranked in category 4 of languages difficult to learn, but for a native English speaker it might as well be ranked category 5. You can go here and see a very interesting site about languages.

Philip found a nice house in a very densely populated residential area that might work out great for a church.  We are very excited about this possibility, Philip is the first Vision Baptist Missionary to go to Thailand.  Please be in prayer over the next few months as he begins to make preparations.

An intersection in the densely populated area.
An intersection in this densely populated area.

I mentioned that the area was densely populated.  With 22,000 people in a square kilometer,  it is one of the most densely populated areas in the city.  One square kilometer in that area has more people in it than 22 counties out of 100 in North Carolina, 8 out of 46 counties in South Carolina, 78 out of 156 counties in Georgia and 32 out of 95 counties in Tennessee.

To get another perspective on this, go and Google the town or city you live in or that your from. It will pull up the Wikipedia stats on your town click on that link.  There on the right hand side of the Wikipedia site it  will give you some quick statistics and there you can find the total kilometers of your town.  Multiply the total kilometers by 22,000 to see what your area would be if it were as densely populated as this area in Bangkok.

For example: the town that is closest to where I grew up is Andrews, NC. If they had a density like this area in Bangkok, then Andrews (whose population is 1,781) would have a population of 79,772.  I currently live in Duluth (a city of 26,600) and it would have a population of 569,800.  I pastored in Salem, SC (the town of Salem has a population of 135), Salem would have a population of 48,400 people.

Do you see the great need of the gospel in this area?  Will you join me in praying for Philip Bassham and his family as they strive to preach Christ in this great city?  Will you pray that God would raise up more laborers for this field that is white unto harvest?


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