How did God confirm to you that you should be a missionary?

We recently participated in Vision Baptist Church’s missions conference here in Alpharetta.  On the first night there was a question-and-answer panel consisting of the seven visiting missionaries and their wives. There wasn’t enough time to for all the missionaries to answer each question, so I thought it would be good to answer these questions in a series of blogs.  Some are funny and some are serious. I will answer some, and on some both Emily and I will answer. Question #1 How did God confirm to you that you should be a missionary?Unknown There are a lot of things that contributed to us answering the call to go to the mission field. Many circumstances, conversations, thought processes that both Emily and I underwent to bring us to this place of confirmation.  I believe in the end what confirmed it was just the change in our hearts and desires.  I believe that as you delight in God, as you acknowledge Him in every way He will guide you and place in your heart a desire to fulfill His will.  Over a period of a few years God directed my heart and Emily’s heart toward church planting.  Actually it is something that we had discussed when we were first married.  Over the years this desire grew until in the last three years it was pretty much all we talked about.  Then it came to a point that we realized if we were going to follow this passion that God had placed in our hearts then we probably needed to act now.  As we stepped out in faith all the doors swung open, and we will continue to press on until the doors shut.

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