Congratulations to Berea Baptist Church in La Plata Argentina on their four year anniversary yesterday!!






Pastor Jorge Rodriguez, Pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in La Plata was the guest speaker.  Jorge is pictured on the left, speaking to a full house.









One thing the churches in Argentina like to do is make a cake for their church’s anniversary. Emily and I were there last year for their church anniversary and the cake they made last year was about seven feet long.  305736_103968436380240_182884977_n

Here is a picture of Pastor Hernan Cortez and his wife Rosa.  You may recognize them from our ministry video found on the home page of our website. You will not find sweeter people than this couple.  Hernan started Berea Baptist in his home four years ago and God has blessed it tremendously.  They have a desire to start more churches and Hernan is doing a fantastic job training young men.  Pray for them as they labor for our Savior.





















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