Do You Have The Right Ideas? Part 1 of 8

One of the definitions of philosophy as defined by Miriam Webster is “A set of ideas about how to do something or how to live.”  As I have started preparing for the mission field, one of the major things has been establishing a Biblical philosophy for missions.  I was definitely in need of this, for there were many things about my missions philosophy that needed to be corrected.  I am thankful for the men who have helped me form a more Biblical philosophy of missions.  We must go to the Scriptures when we are forming ideas and the how-to part of ministry.  It should be our desire to be as biblically sound as we possibly can be in our lives and work.  It is only when we are Biblical that we can truly be successful (success being defined as true spiritual fruit that lasts); and I believe every minister of the Gospel wants to be successful and have his life make an eternal difference for the Kingdom of Christ.

So in the upcoming posts we will take a look into our missions philosophy and how and why I came to the conclusions that I did.  Stay tuned, more to come.

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