What in the World is a Yokefellow?

Do you sometimes feel that your church supports more missionaries than you are able to keep up with? Do you feel that your church family is disconnected with the missionaries that they support? Allow me to introduce to you my friend Trent Cornwell. Trent is the assistant pastor at Vision Baptist Church and he is doing a fantastic job of promoting the concept of yokefellows.
What is a yokefellow? As Trent explains it, “A Yokefellow Team is a small group (six-twelve) of committed people who come together to care for their missionary in a variety of ways, striving to help meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. It is a group of people with whom the missionary can be open and honest, allowing them to see his needs, and share his successes and defeats.”
Why should my church have Yokefellow Teams? “Because Yokefellow Teams help to make our missionaries feel cared for and understood, by providing them with a committed group of people who will be in prayer for them regularly, showing them practical love, helping to keep them visible before the rest of the [church] family and strengthened on the mission field.”                                                                                       To find out more about yokefellow ministries and how to incorporate this into your missionary program go to the Pioneer Senders website and click on the yokefellow tab.  Also available on the website is a series of podcasts that Pastor Trent and Pastor Austin Gardner did on the subject of yokefellows. You can listen to them here.

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